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How does it work? 

Before the big day we can discuss when you'd like the photograph taken and what composition you'd like / if you have a preference - if not you can leave it up to me to decide. 
Then on the big day I’ll arrive at least 2 hours before the ceremony / reception arrives to set up /start getting the backdrop in as the guests arrive.
I'll take the photo of you both when you get your wedding photographs, and create the piece live in front of all your guests for them to enjoy, present it in the evening and then you can keep it to enjoy forever afterwards as an original piece of art in your home. 

How much is it? 

My full price options are here.
UK delivery to your home after your wedding day is included.
Travel is an additional charge outside of London and accommodation is required if your venue is over 4 hours of travel.

How can I reserve my date?  

It's a 25% deposit to secure your wedding date.

How long does it take? 

Depending on the subject matter it can take 4-8 hours + , and I will usually finish the finer details in the studio afterwards, in which case I post the artwork and it will arrive with you within four weeks. 

Are you available on my wedding day?  

Drop me a message or use my booking form on the homepage to enquire about your date! June, July and August are my busiest months so enquire as soon as you can for those, I am still taking 2024 bookings and 2025 bookings are now open. 

Do you have any more examples of your work? 

Stay up to date with my current weddings on at @alicetheweddingpainter or my tiktok @theweddingpainter. 

Why hasn't Alice replied to my email yet? 

My replies sometimes fall into junk mail - so either double check in there or send me an email directly to

Happy Wedding Planning!

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